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What To Take For Seasickness On A Cruise

There are certain motion sickness medications that can help to treat seasickness or even prevent it if taken early enough. The most common ones include Promethazine, Hyoscine, Meclizine, Cinnarazine and Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine). The Best Ways to Deal with Seasickness on a Cruise Calm down a bit. The first step to not worrying about seasickness, is, well, to stop worrying. A lot of ships today are...

Use medicine. There’s no shame in treating seasickness with medication,. Transdermal patches containing scopolamine have become popular for managing seasickness. The patch is placed on the skin, typically behind one of the ears, and keeps transfusing minute amounts of the drug into your system regularly. Each patch lasts three days, which is enough time for almost anyone to become used to a ship’s movements.


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